Issue #14 - October 2005

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New V1 High-Speed Camera Captures Swings in Remarkable Detail at 160 Frames per Second

V1 introduces the new V1 High-Speed camera that delivers an incredible 160 frames/sec allowing instructors to capture and view swings with greater detail and provides superior visual feedback than traditional camcorders. The camera's high frame rate provides instructors with a much improved video recording of their students' swings, magnifying details of the swing that other camcorders don't capture.Click here to see a comparison.

The V1 High-Speed camera is compatible with your V1 Pro Version 5.7 software. The V1 High-Speed camera is priced at $2,599 and includes:

  • V1 High-Speed Camera (160 Frames per Second)
  • Lens
  • Tripod mount
  • 25' FireWire cable
  • Notebook PC Card
To learn more or to order your V1 High-Speed camera, call V1 Sales at 800-777-7721 or by emailing

V1 Teaching and Technology Training

We have received positive feedback from members attending the hands-on training for PGA sections. These will qualify for MSR credits and is a great way to introduce technology as a hands-on approach. We would recommend that these sessions be scheduled for at least 2 hours but can be flexible.

To inquire, please contact V1 by phone at (800) 777-7721 (International Users call (734) 464-2841) or by emailing

Click here to view pictures of a training seminar

Upgrade Feature #23 of V1 Pro 5.7:

Another upgrade advantage of V1 Pro 5.7 that has wowed V1 instructors, students and sponsors is the Instructor Intro feature. This tool allows instructors to record a lead-in to accompany their recorded lessons. These lead-ins messages could be a simple drill, a corporate logo or simply contact information. Click below to see a sample of how you can use the Instructor Intro feature of V1 Pro 5.7 with a student, for corporate outings or various golf events. It's a great way to personalize the lesson experience or have your sponsor provide a message for the event participants. Instructor Intros are easy to do and add tremendous value for your sponsors.

To see a brief example of how to do a lesson, please click this link: Sample Video Lesson, with drill.
Note: This video lesson requires Windows Media Player Version 9 or greater to view.

Call us at 800-777-7721 to find out about V1 customer upgrades.

V1 Teaching and Technology Training
New V1 High-Speed Camera
Upgrade Feature #23 of V1 Pro 5.7
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